Play Without a Title

by Federico García Lorca in a new translation by David Johnston

Cast and Crew

Jonathan Heron
Assistant Director
Hannah Tottenham
Lighting Designer
Dave Thwaites
Assistant to the Translator
Genny Raghu
Stage Manager
Hannah Tottenham
Live Violin
Hannah Tottenham
Nomi Everall
Assistant Designer
Cara Verkerk
Sound Designer
Ant Lynch
Publicity Officer
Oliver Turner
Stage Manager
Cara Verkerk
Technical Operation
Ant Lynch
Jay Saighal
Jesse Meadows
Leading Lady
Annabel Betts
Spectator 1
Carl Cerny
Spectator 2
James Keningale
Actress (Fairy)
Maria Fsadni
Briony Rawle
Actress (Sylph)
Jesse Meadows
Young Spectator
Natalia Rossetti
Actor (Wolf/Bottom)
Ben Jacobs
Briony Rawle
His Wife
Maria Fsadni
His Wife
Zoë Walshe
Actor (Woodcutter)
Carl Cerny
Man (Theatre Owner)
Ben Jacobs
Ben Jacobs

About the production

['This is not a theatre!'] ['Everything's a lie, isn't it?'] ['I just want to be left alone, to act.']

A director takes to the stage to cancel a performance; outside of the theatre a civil war is ignited.

Exploring the boundaries between reality and illusion, this lost classic reveals Lorca moving towards 'theatre of the impossible'.

As part of their Residency at The CAPITAL Centre, Fail Better lead Warwick University students in a new translation of this audacious one-act play.

The production played to full houses at Warwick (2nd-8th October 2008) and triggered a variety of educational and academic events.

The final performance took place at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry at Beyond Spanish on Saturday 1st November 2008.

'Something is always being delivered
Out of the unknown. Often
Out of the impossible'

(Ted Hughes, Alcestis)

"With this production we are attempting to deliver something unknown and impossible.
We are exploring the capacity of theatre and performance to create substance out of unfinished, lost or abandoned text.
Working in an academic and pedagogic context, we are playing with plays about plays and working with students to create characters within characters.
And we have a set that moves!"

Jonathan Heron, Director

The New Stateman recently published an article about David Johnston's translation for this production and the Belgrade's Bernarda Alba.