work in progress

Cast and Crew

Jonathan Heron
Nomi Everall
Christopher Tester

About the production

['Zero. Zero. Zero.'] ['Nothing returns to naught; but all return at their collapse to primal forms.'] ['...the horror of now, present and ever present, never changing and ever-changing.'] ['Generative stuff.'  (Post-show discussion)]

"There's in things a void - lifeless, changeless, endless -"

We took four texts into the studio: On the Nature of Things (Lucretius), The Teachings of Pythagoras (Ovid), The History of an Error (Nietzsche) and Suffering and the Eternal Recurrence of the Same (Broome).

We also played with mirrors, lamps, postcards and darkness.

Some interconnections emerged and some things fell away.

The sum of the dark?
The answer's always zero.
Nothing. Everything.

The body in shades
Casting webs of fixity
Measureless to reach.

Measuring the void.
Real spacetime, this spacetime is no spacetime.
I scribe and transcribe.

On the evening of 1st October, an audience including of scientists, young people, academics and practitioners gathered to watch 30mins of devised work and take part in a post-performance discussion. They were then invited to comment further:

"Loved the moment when we turn up to the constellations, and the way the language really cascades as we get to the end!"

"The gap between the silent body and the speaking voice was striking."

"I saw an experiment and an experimentalist within an experimental piece of art."

Fail Better Productions is currently developing a series of science-related projects and events.

Watch this spacetime!